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Mime Artist   &  Mime Clown

His topical programme appeals to every public: he amuses us, reflects us and plays with us.

The flexible solo-acts are always empathetic to human characters and span the range from classic to humorous mime, seasoned with spontaneity and clowning.

Wether as mime artist or clown - Scheibub knows how to adapt to spectators of every age and to involve them by chance - wether on stage or by mingling with them.

Born in 1954 in Jordan

After studying mime at the Folkwang actors-university in Essen/Germany           

he has worked as an independant artist since 1981 and

has made a name for himself as a

humorous mime artist and mime clown as well as an instructor for miming and body language.

mail@scheibub.de  Ghassan Sodah

Schönrathstr.77 - D-52066 Aachen

Tel: 0049-(0)241-58858